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Shemin’s Slimming World and Healthy Recipes

I have got four of my favourite slimming world recipes to share, all with 0 syns. These recipes are also all low on calories, so perfect for any diet.

All of these recipes made with Shemin’s Spice Blends have 0 syns, making dieting delicious and simple

We’re giving you 4 of your choice for just £9.50! 

Butterfly Lamb

This easy recipe is going to make you the star of your next cookout! A sophisticated but really simple recipe. We’ve made it with our Tandoori Spice Blend, but it would be delicious with others too, especially Harissa or Ras el Hanout.

0 Syns 113 Calories / Serving 3 Weight Watcher Smart Points / Serving


Ras El Hanout Kebabs

These are so easy to make and absolutely delicious for lunch or dinner. Earthy flavours from our Ras el Hanout Spice Blend are combined with zingy garlic and ginger with a hint of fresh mint.

They would also be delicious with any other of Shemin’s 0 Syn Spice Blends.

0 Syns 169 Calories / Serving 3 Weight Watcher Smart Points / Serving

 Peri Peri Chicken Bake

Peri Peri is a spice that hails from Portugal but is popular all over the world thanks to one famous chicken fast food chain. This Peri Peri chicken is a quick and tasty tray bake great for the whole family.

Try it with our Smoky Mexican Spice Blend too, also delicious!

Replace the olive oil in this recipe for spray oil.

0 Syns 268 Calories / Serving 6 Weight Watcher Smart Points / Serving

Tandoori Chicken

Homemade tandoori chicken is fantastically easy to do. Tender and succulent with lots of flavour, a great recipe for the BBQ or to make under the grill.

To make this recipe 0 syns, use fat free yoghurt and skip the single cream!

0 Syns 222 Calories / Serving 3 Weight Watcher Smart Points / Serving

Here are some great tips to lighten up your meals:

  • Our spice blends are a great way to add lots of flavour without adding extra calories, we love adding the different blends into stir fries, as it is healthy, quick and delicious! Also try adding blends into soups or sprinkle some on any dish that needs a flavour kick!
  • Adding a little Thai or Indian Curry Paste is a fantastic way to get a spicy kick to practically any meal. Try adding a tablespoon to a stir-fry, soup or mix with low fat natural yoghurt for a dip. It is also great as a marinade for vegetables and meat.
  • When you’re starting a curry, try cooking the curry paste and onions in the chopped tomatoes instead of oil, you still get great flavour but cut down on the fat.
  • Try using light coconut milk or a mixture of coconut milk and chicken or vegetable stock to make a light version Thai curry sauce.
  • Use more lemon or lime juice instead of salt.
  • Use zero-fat yoghurt or sour cream instead of a full fat variety to get a creamy sauce without adding the calories.
  • You can substitute potatoes for sweet potatoes for a lower GI count
  • If you are making a Dhal, try adding vegetables to give more texture.
  • Try out cauliflower rice instead of normal white rice for fewer calories.
  • Try using ribbons of vegetables instead of noodles in Thai dishes.