Shemin’s Green Cardamom, Whole Black Pepper and Cloves Mix

Description: Shemin’s Blend of Green Cardamom, Cloves and Whole Black Pepper.

Uses: This is a great blend of spices for tempering separately or together.  Use the spice blend to add flavour to white rice, biryani and vegetable curries. Tempering of spices is a traditional method to extract the full flavour from spices. It is also known as “Tadka”. It captures and maintains the essence and aroma of the spices in hot oil, infusing the final dish with a distinct flavour and fragrance.

Method – One or two tablespoons of oil is plenty. Ideally use ghee, coconut, sunflower or vegetable oil, but not olive oil or butter. The oil or ghee should be very hot at first, then reduced to medium, then the spices added. You will know the oil is hot enough when you can see a slight shimmer. You will know your tempering is done when the spices are crackling or have changed colour.

This method can be used with any of our whole spices.

Green Cardamom 15g

Whole Black Pepper 10g

Cloves 8g




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