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Six 2021 Great Taste Gold Awards!

We are proud to say we have won 9 Gold Stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards! That brings our total up to 30 Great Taste Gold Stars! One of the highest in the business!

๐Ÿ† Winner of Great Taste Gold Award’s 2021 ๐Ÿ†

Shemin’s Indian Curry Paste

Judges said: “This paste smells delicious, richly layered with spice and with a pleasing air of authenticity. There is subtlety beyond the heat, with warm and aromatic spicing underpinning the chilli. Gives a good flavour to the cooked product, feels fresh and lively. Well balanced and seasoned.”

Shemin’s Goan Curry Paste

Judges said: “A richly coloured paste with a fabulous level and combination of spice. A gentle heat which builds gradually – it’s not in your face with the first bite. Well balanced. It certainly delivered on flavour.”

Shemin’s Seafood Curry Paste

Judges said “Great looking curry paste with a warm aroma of well cooked spices. This has been made with finesse and knowledge of spices to give a complex flavour profile rich with spices. It builds with well judged heat to bring a great tasting curry which has great intensity but a well balanced and rounded finish.”

Shemin’s Aubergine Pickle

Judges said: “There are lovely earthy tones in the aromas here, with the very mild astringency of the pickling and the roasted spices blending well. We felt like this was more like a delicious curry in a jar, as it had such substance and depth of taste that it stood alone in its culinary identity.”

Shemin’s Mango Chutney

Judges said: “A bright lively aroma, a pleasing balance and a sweet texture. We particularly like the addition of cumin and seeds which add to both the texture and flavour. A clear distinct mango flavour, this is very well crafted.”

Shemin’s Plain Chapatis

Judges said: “This chapati looks the business and home-made. It is flecked with brown, and has plenty of airy pockets. On tasting it’s flaky and light with lots of flavour. As you say it would be lovely with melted butter or olive oil. A perfect vehicle for any curry or even used as a flat bread with fusion toppings. This is very well-made and we applaud it.”

Shemin’s Wholemeal Naan Breads

Judges said: “This flatbread has good colour and an inviting nutty aroma. The appearance is rustic and well baked. Very good flavour, creamy texture. The wholemeal flour gives lovely nutty flavours with a slight sweetness that is really pleasant.”

Shemin’s Garam Masala

Judges said: “On tasting this garam masala raw we were pleased at how vibrant the flavours were. This is a delightful blend of fragrant spices that would enhance any curry and would make a useful rub.”

Shemin’s Tandoori Spice Blend

Judges said: “A bright spice blend, lots of seeds visible. This bold combination fills the mouth in a most satisfying way – the spices working in harmony. Great level of heat, depth of character, a well crafted blend.”