“Made at home in small batches with fresh ingredients, Shemin’s Curry Paste has built quite a following and it’s easy to understand why.

By using a curry paste like this, you can really mix and match the flavours. It’s not a sauce that is ready made that you just throw in and can’t really do much with. This you can use as a base and experiment with different dishes.

A curry to beat any takeaway in 15 minutes. Now that’s magic.”

James Martin – Celebrity Chef and past presenter of Saturday Kitchen

“Since discovering Shemin’s spectacular curry pastes my poor old local takeaway has lost my orders on a Friday night. Sorry guys, but my homemade curries are now the biz…”

Mary Portas – TV personality / Retail expert

“I am holed up in my modest garret in the far end of the Mediterranean and still have the warm glow of the masterly MacGregor paste and tikka recipe on my palate.

In fact the woman of nearly 30 years I spent my life with as wife and mother to my brood, a hard task mistress and a fine cook was so impressed at the taste of your recipe she is now threatening to make out another 30 years as she swears I have not cooked her anything in the last 30 ( all lies of course… I can turn a tasty baked bean with the best of them, not to mention the Welsh rarebit of distinction.)

A huge thank you, a dirty BBQ , and still 4 tubs in the freezer of the 8 I liberated from Budgens at the beginning of August to add to my hold luggage rather than my smartest boxers.

Best wishes and a large spicy thank you.


“Most of my friends are buying this curry paste now. The secret is out! I love its versatility – you have de-mystified the art of curry making!”

“I regularly take my mother’s supply of your curry paste back to University – when she’s not looking! It’s also great under cheese on toast if I’m home late.”

Alex Geraerts

“I used the paste to marinade some pheasant breast over night then made a curry using fresh coriander and yoghurt, it was simply amazing, enjoyed by the whole family.  Just this weekend I got some more paste from Burwash Manor and minced some pheasant (breast and leg) and cooked up some bacon and onion, added the paste and made curried pheasant burgers.  These burgers were a huge hit at our winter game barbeque, quite simply the nicest burgers I’ve ever made.

I have to say I am really very impressed with this curry paste, it’s delicious and I love that it is all natural ingredients with no rubbish added.  I love it and look forward to cooking more dishes with this paste, I have already recommended it to my friends and family”

Ollie Norris

“Even though I’m not usually a curry fan, adding Shemin’s Homemade Curry Paste to a variety of dishes is adding zest to my meals. This particular blend of herbs and spices hits the right spot, leaving a warm, contented feeling inside.”

Phyl Hyland

“What a fantastic, useful paste that can be used in so many ways.  Saving the time and expense out of purchasing lots of the basic ingredients. I have successfully used the paste with chicken, using yoghurt and king prawns, using coconut.  The paste is full of flavour rather than heat, which for the guests who wanted a hotter curry was a simple addition of a small amount of chilli powder.

A very versatile, tasty, homemade alternative to having to start from scratch! A great addition to my fridge!  I am looking forward to trying some of the other recipes supplied.”

Sarah Mellor 

“It’s so easy to use and tastes so fresh, as though you’ve just spent ages preparing it!”

Olivia Hind

“It may not stop baldness or cure cellulite, but Shemin’s Curry Paste is one of life’s little miracles. It tastes delicious and is so convenient – no less convenient than those ready meals to which the British seem so
addicted, with a depressing 77 per cent of households using them at some point.

Here’s something far healthier and just as convenient: boil some pink lentils until flaky for 15 minutes, add a tablespoon of Shemin and you have a nicely flavoured dhal. Add a few potatoes and some green beans and you have a pleasant vegetable curry. Cost is minimal and food is fresh and healthy. No fridge should be without its little pot of Shemin’s.”

Sebastian O’Kelly

“We have used Shemin’s Curry Paste for a while now and we are still amazed at how versatile this curry paste really is. We have used it as a marinade for chicken and fish, mixed with yoghurt for a milder marinade. Chicken is great just marinated and then grilled – especially on the barbeque! Used with coconut milk and stir fry prawns it makes a lovely Thai style curry. Our family and friends have all been very impressed by it!”

Pauline & Graham Tierney

“I loved using this paste – it was so tasty and so easy to use.”

Wendy Thaxton

“I worked in Southall for 20 years and haven’t found a curry to match!”

Emma Bashforth 

“Shemin’s fresh homemade curry paste is not only delicious, it’s also very easy to cook with and I have had many tasty meals using it. I adore curry and the flavours in this curry paste are blended together very well to produce a smooth and spicy flavour that produces a great meal. I much prefer using it to a jar as I know it is fresh and contains no additives or artificial preservatives, just pure ingredients.”

Judy Webb

“Different from the shop bought paste or powder, in that it was spicy, without being too hot, allowing the flavours of the food to come through.  We eat a lot of fish and the flavours can be drowned out by some curry sauces, but not with this one.”

Sandra Bright

“Quite simply the finest curry my wife and I have ever eaten. The smell alone is enough to burst your taste buds.”

Peter Abbots

“The pastes are marvellous; my neighbours enjoy them too. It’s such a relief to produce a quick meal when coming home from work. Really saves me loads of time and creates a substantial meal in an instant. I shall experiment with the recipes when I get time.”

Neil Baillie

“I made the best curry ive ever made thanks to your paste and garam powder  they are by far the best curry paste ive ever tasted  as well as used  ill be buying the cook books very soon thank you  for your fantastic products”

Chris Walker

“I was introduced to them by my daughter Sarah who was at university with Zara.  Sarah gave us some as a gift, I have ordered some in the past for my brother and I have just placed an order for myself.  I think they should be a fridge essential.

Thank you for such an amazing product.”

Shirley Burgneay

Chana Gosht – what can I say, Shemin, that I haven’t said before. I was exquisite! Made with a medium paste, to the recipe (Except that I cooked the lamb in my pressure cooker with 1/4 of the paste and tomatoes). My wife is still drooling over the taste. Thanks again.”

Alan Brown

“Hi all at Shemins, I have ordered twice from you now and all I can say is WOW! My husband who is a curry fiend has asked me to let you know that he said your curries are honestly better than any he’s sampled either in a restaurant or takeaway! Well done and thankyou!”

Julia Boylan

“Just a quick note. We followed your Biryani recipe (almost) to the letter … and the result was better than we could have imagined. The depth of flavour was superb! Using the hot spice blend and chicken breasts (off-the-bone), we made a memorable meal.

Many thanks to you and your Mum (it’s almost time to place a re-order).”

Tony McVeigh

“I have been getting shemins”curry on like a pro” for a good 12 months now and I am a convert to home made curry, I no longer get a take away curry from my local take away as It can’t beat the home made curry, ive converted all my family to it and have made meals for family and friends and never have I had a bad curry in all this time and everyone I have cooked this meal for goes home with the recipe, they are that impressed. so I would like to thank you for making such a wonderful curry paste I can make at home.”

Tracey Briggs

“Love these pastes – saw you on James’ programme and now I am a big fan. It is now so easy to make a great curry in no time at all – great flavours.

Many thanks for these amazing products.”


“We did James Martin’s recipe for the medium chicken curry and it was superb, I’ve been making ‘authentic’ curries for years but couldn’t match this.. absolutely delicious. Thanks you Shemin… inspirational!”

Diane Westwell

“I buy Shemins products and they are superb, I think they beat by far what you can buy in the supermarkets. The Garam Masala is just gorgeous, the free recipe books are worthwhile getting too. A real must for curry lovers.”

Chris Southgate

“I ordered 3 of the pastes and used first one last night! Amazing tastes is all i can say, cant wait to use the other varieties. Wonderful product and great service from ordering to delivery.

Thank you.”

Stuart Clarke

“I don’t know if there are any sceptics out there but they should try your pastes they are wonderful.  I have also ordered three of the gift sets for members of my family.  This week I am going to try your Minced Beef with Potatoes and Peas.  The recipes so far have been very quick and easy to prepare which is what busy people need when they come in from work.  To rustle up a great meal such as these in the space of half an hour is brilliant.  I look forward to receiving more tips and recipes from you as the weeks go by.”

Brenda Hughes

“I used the Thai green paste in a James Martin green crab risotto recipe and it wasn’t good…it was actually mind-blowingly EXCELLENT! As soon as the paste hit the pan it released such a gorgeous aroma that I could barely control dribbling in delight. I’ve made the dish many times before using other green curry pastes and none of them had the same flavours or aromas as yours. It really livened up the dish and I will only ever use Shemin’s.”


“I’ve tried other curry pastes when I’ve wanted a quick curry for one or two, but they just didn’t work. They really needed much longer cooking and needed lots of additions, which defeats the object of using a paste.

I have been delighted to find that your pastes really do produce a lovely curry as quickly as you say they will, and with only the addition of the ingredients. I have downloaded your recipe books and am really looking forward to experimenting as I have found to my delight that I can scale down the recipes to suit.”

Paula Quinn

“Thank you for this amazing product. WOW! I love herbs and spices, natural flavoring. I’m a mature lady who enjoys cooking. Thank you for making my chicken curry effortless and most of all natural! Happy..”

Margaret Vango

“Made my own pastes in the past Also pretty good if I may say so myself! Loved using your paste as it saves me trawling around various shops for the ingredients! Brought it back to Ireland on a recent trip & was a huge success! Many thanks for making my busy life easier.”


“I just wanted to say I just made the Thai green curry this evening and it was absolutely delicious! I have to say it was much nicer than the one I remember having in Thailand! Looking forward to my next dish.”