Cauliflower, Potato & Spinach Curry

A warming one-pot dinner inspired by the popular Indian dish Aloo Gobi. Perfect when it’s a little chilly outside and delicious when wrapped in a warm Shemin’s Chapati. Heaven!



  1. Peel the onions and thinly slice them. Trim the leaves off the cauliflower, then break the cauliflower into florets and chop the stalks into small chunks. Scrub the potatoes and cut them into bite-sized pieces (no need to peel them). Roughly chop the tomatoes.
  2. Fill and boil your kettle. Pour 1 tbsp oil into a large pan and set it on a medium-high heat. Add the cauliflower and cook for 5 mins, stirring now and then, till it starts to brown. Scoop the cauliflower out of the pan and set it aside on a plate.
  3. Pour another 1 tbsp oil into the pan and add the onions. Fry for 5 mins, stirring often, till softened. Stir in Shemin’s Curry Paste with a splash of water and cook for 1-2 mins. Add the potatoes to the pan and mix well. Cook for 10 mins, stirring often.
  4. Tip the cauliflower back into the pan along with the tomatoes and pour in 300ml boiling water. Bring to a simmer, then cover with a lid and cook for 20 mins, till the potatoes are tender and the sauce has thickened a little.
  5. Fold the baby leaf spinach into the pan to wilt it. Add Shemin’s Garam Masala, taste the curry and add more salt or pepper if needed. Divide the curry between warm plates and serve topped with the coriander leaves and chilli if desired.
Serves 4-6

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