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Shemin’s Story

Truly Authentic Products

(Shemin – second from the left)

“When growing up in Kampala, Uganda, I always loved to be in the kitchen helping to prepare delicious food with my mum and aunts. With all the lovely fresh produce available from our local markets, the food was always simple, delicious and fresh.

I made my curry pastes, encouraged by my mum and inspired by these memories, to share with you a taste of real home cooking. It’s my love for what we eat at home that inspired me to create these products and share some of our favourite dishes with you.”

Recipes passed down the generations

(Shemin’s mum – third from the left)

Our recipes will allow you to experience what we consider to be real family home cooking and I hope it will also inspire you to come up with your own recipes with whatever happens to be in the fridge.

I’m sure that you will enjoy our recipes as much I have loved creating them with inspiration from my mother and the rest of my family, who are also fabulous cooks. Lastly I hope that these recipes fill your kitchen with the same aromas and happiness as they always do in ours.” – Shemin

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