Selection of Three Shemin’s Spice Blends

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Choose any three of our spice blends and save 10%

All our products are made in small batches to our own original recipes, using only fresh and quality ingredients.

✓ Mix with olive oil or butter to make a paste ✓ Mix with breadcrumbs to make crusts and stuffings ✓ Mix with soy sauce, honey or lemon juice ✓ Rub into steaks, fish, chips and vegetables ✓ Zero calories and syns for diet plans (BBQ and Jerk have very small amounts of sugar) ✓ Sprinkle over stir-fries


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  1. Sean Murphy

    Hi I’ve been cooking curry’s since i was 22 and I’m at the ripe old age of 57, over the years I’ve got it pretty much down to a tea, I’m on my second order from you guy’s because your curry paste is on a different level, the quality is outstanding and at a very good price. So far I’ve only used your peri peri rub on some chicken wings and the flavours of that rub blew my mind away so I’ve ordered more and also four other different rubs which i do have here but I’ve not used the new ones, I’m a butcher and have been for 29 years so i do know a bit of how to cook and i can’t wait to taste my new rubs 😊.

  2. Colin

    Thank you Shemin, for your time, and sharing your awesome paste & rubs, which not only has cut my time cooking, the recipes we’ve tried, have been nothing less than delicious. I look forward to seeing your latest additions, and trying them with the confidence – they always turn out well and loved by the family.

  3. CHRIS


  4. Melanie Harper

    Shemin you make Harry Potter look like someone who plays with Christmas crackers. What you send me and I just add to meat shames so many restaurants. Your spice blends raw on the tongue are like a trip to a far off place…BUT each blend lands in that place. You really are a magician with spices and I thank you for all of those journeys in lockdown…much love to you all (I’ve disowned my family so adoption should be easier!!)

  5. Ali

    Fantastic products, superb service and the recipes are easy to follow would and do recommend to people regularly. Web site for ordering easy to use. Thanks Ali

  6. John Kennedy

    Quick easy and really good products

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